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Initial drawings_

Knowing that Valentine's day was coming up, I began by getting a photo that looked like love - a kind of besotted face. 

Because the look I wanted was graphic, and sharp, I decided to use pen, Posca pen, and blocked out the shadows of the face.  

I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to incorporate hearts into the eyes, but I knew I wanted to in some way.  I experimented by laying on sheets of paper and trying out heart styles.  


This drawing of an eye came because I didn't like the hearts being an adition, I wanted them to be a part of the anatomy of the eye.


Experimentation on illustrator_

When it came to putting these drawings together, I scanned them in and turned them into vector drawings to play with on illustrator

I quickly realised the design needed to be broken up, less formal. 

I slept on the design, and the next day did some light research.  I was confident I wanted to include a love drug theme, my drawings really fitted with this concept, and I was reminded of a Roxy music song.  I looked into album covers of theirs for inspiration.  One edition of their Virginia Plain album had a Japanese advertising sash that completely matched the colour scheme I wanted, so I made my own version on Illustrator, flipped it and created a dynamic skeleton of art for my design.  

From here the design almost made itself, and with lots of font research I found some that complemented my artwork. 

I've learned a lot from this design, but nothing as important as follow your gut and just keep experimenting, failure means you're close to success, so just keep going. 

love drug back png 8Asset 1double.png
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