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I developed this project as an opportunity for University of Kent students to showcase their art, regardless of the subject they study.  It included work from drama students, philosophy students, history of art students and more. including myself.

To the right is an image of a sculpture by Mila Morelli made especially for the exhibition.

Exhibition leaflet.jpg

Above is the manifesto leaflet of the exhibition.  One of the great challenges with curating the exhibition, was that the theme did not relate to a specific topic or style. This meant I had to be careful in the way I displayed the works so that no one work dominated, and each piece could be viewed to its fullest potential.  I achieved this with trial and improvement, and loved the challenge.  


Organisation was essential to this project.  Setting out from early on logistics, such as transport of work and getting confirmation from all the artists that they could drop off and pick up works.  Lots of talking with the venue, Deep End, and arranging the way works could be displayed without wall hangings.  This combined with graphic design skills, making posters and picture labels with the theme I created allowed me to give the event creative clarity.  A further skill was working well with others - listening to the artists needs,  the venues needs, and talking with the KentLife team about using University funding. I enjoy working with people, and it was a pleasure.  

To the right is me, attaching the final labels to the metal grid walls. 


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