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English, History and Art History tuition
for GCSE and higher

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Hi there!  I’m Hannah,  and I offer grade-boosting, confidence-building tuition with bespoke worksheets and tasks made to suit your needs.  

From Kafka's jarring image of a man waking up in the body of a bug, to Antonia Fraser's descriptions of Versailles' opulent awfulness, I’ve always loved education.  But I know that isn’t the case for lots of people, so, I started tutoring with a focus on enjoying the process of learning; inspiring pupils to be curious and excited by essay subjects, and giving them a personal relationship to learning that inspires confidence in assessments.  

I achieved a first in my Art History degree, and this was down to essay skills I developed through scrutinising mark schemes, and being a regular in my academic tutor's office.  My ability to translate mark scheme features into real essays has been a super valuable skill in my life, and I want to offer this to my students; providing them with clear and memorable structures for success.

My approach prioritises building students' confidence in their subject.  This confidence in assessments is the key to unleashing the creative and critical part of a student’s mind: the part which springboards their work into the higher grade boundaries.  
I aim to provide confidence founded on understanding of what assessors want, bolstered by a deep knowledge of their subject that comes with truly enjoying learning.

Prices start at £27 an hour.  
Get in touch for more info, by emailing me at or calling me on 07762211403


Example worksheet - GCSE:  

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This is a simple extract worksheet I created for a GCSE student, designed to assess a student's engagement with fiction narrative and begin to develop a critical approach to texts. 

Here is the extract, from Lord of the Flies, which demonstrates a power struggle between two boys lost on an island after a plane crash. 

Here are some comprehension questions - seeing if the student read the text correctly, but also asking the student to respond creatively thinking of descriptive vocabulary for characters in the text. 

There's also the first question that brings the reader out of comprehension, and into an understanding of a writer's purpose, encouraging the student to thing critically about how the writer uses form and structure to put the story across. 

Then there is longer question that encourages an essay like approach to really get them thinking critically about what the atmosphere is in the story, leading onto how that atmosphere is created and changes. 

Lotf 2.JPG

Finally, this is a creative question allowing the student to take part in the literature and develop the characters themselves.  








By having this active and creative role, students can develop confidence and a better understanding of writer's purpose and craft, meaning that when analysing, a student will be better equipped to recognise these features and critique them with personal knowledge. 

Being creative is a huge part of understanding creative text, as well as developing confidence as it takes risk and personal autonomy.  I've found this a great way to inspire student to respond to essay questions with greater understanding, and higher-level analysis.  

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Art tuition
all ages


Whether it's taking a critical look at your art portfolio for GCSE or A-Level, or just improving skills to better enjoy a hobby, I'm here to offer one-to-one bespoke tuition to help any artist, young or old, improve. 


After my Art History degree, I began working as an artist - making portraits, and exhibiting in gallery exhibitions.  My work has the benefit of studying great artists, from Michelangelo to Tracy Emin, I have a love of all art and understand how art is a very personal process, with outcomes varying from pupil to pupil. 

My help will come in the form of encouragement to your creative brain, and challenging you to push yourself beyond your current achievements to meet your potential.   Like my humanities tutoring, I tailor my help to a mark scheme that a student is following and I can give advice that relates specifically to your portfolio. 


I'm also happy to work through classical technique building so that you can feel more comfortable with primary materials such as charcoal, graphite, pastel and pen. This work involves a number of exciting drawing tasks, meant to hone skills in shading, perspective, proportion, colour and overall technique which can be tailored to emphasise certain skills more, depending on a students wants and needs. 


Get in touch for more information! 
Prices start at £20 an hour + materials.                                 

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Little artists - ask me about art sessions for Primary age 

Art tuition
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